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DIY: Turn Your Pontoon Boat into a Duck Hunting Blind

duck hunting blind, pontoon boat, hunting from a boat
YouTube/Kris Nahrgang

If you're a diehard duck hunter and also own a pontoon boat, then your largest duck hunting blind might just be sitting right in front of your eyes.

Pontoon boats are usually known for lazy afternoons lounging on the lake with a barbecue full of hamburgers. What's often overlooked is the fact that a pontoon boats steady platform make for one incredible duck hunting blind.

Check out just how easy it is to trick out your pontoon boat and turn it into a duck hunting machine.

Who in the world would disagree with more room in a duck hunting blind?

If you're not convinced that converting your summertime floating patio into a tricked out duck hunting mansion is a good idea, then you should check out Pond King's Duck Buster blind. This is definitely not your average pontoon boat and definitely not your average blind.

duck hunting blind, pontoon blind, pontoon boat
Pond King

Equipped with shotgun shell holders, anchor poles, four cushioned seats, and fencing to custom camouflage your blind to its surroundings, this 15 foot duck hunting blind is ideal for long sits during the season. Pond King also makes an additional dog ladder that hangs off of the back that your retriever will love.

Time to say goodbye to sitting in those cramped, nasty duck blinds all day long.

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DIY: Turn Your Pontoon Boat into a Duck Hunting Blind