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DIY SeaDek For That Custom Look on Your Boat [VIDEO]

The do it yourself SeaDek not only adds a custom professional look to your boat but adds functionality as well.

SeaDekAdding SeaDek to your boat will not only make it more quiet which makes it great for fishing, but it is much easier on the feet and has exceptional traction even when wet.

There are many ways to install SeaDek; you can cut it straight or at a 45 degree angle and stick it down, or you can take a little more time and do what I did.

This is my personal experience of working with SeaDek to get that custom look!

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There are several types of SeaDek with different patterns; the Sundance Spyder fx17 in the video has a 2 tone, gray over black.

There is also the single layer, which is not quite as cushy but still non slip and quiet.SONY DSC

Below is a Gheenoe that I did several yrs ago. This product holds up very well, cleans easily and has never peeled up on me.


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DIY SeaDek For That Custom Look on Your Boat [VIDEO]