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DIY Public Land Hunt Yields a Monster Elk [VIDEO]

This elk hunter hits the densely forested public lands of Washington state and comes away with a monster elk.

After watching the bull through a spotting scope and determining that he had likely bedded down in the timber, this hunter moves in closer to an area he hopes will offer a shot when the bull rises from his bed.

He's not disappointed. Watch the video to see how big this monster elk really is.

This hunt took place in Washington state, a location not typically considered a likely candidate for yielding a monster elk like the one in the video.

However, getting away from the trophy-seeking hordes and into territory that receives less hunting pressure is often the ticket to putting your tag on a public land bull of any size.

After locating the bull, the hunter also made two great shots to bring him down in his tracks. Preseason practice and knowing your rifle's trajectory will give you confidence when the shots get long.

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DIY Public Land Hunt Yields a Monster Elk [VIDEO]