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DIY Project of the Year: Rice Bag Hand Warmers

These homemade rice bag hand warmers will have you outside quite a bit longer!

Check out how to make these rice bag hand warmers for your hunting and fishing adventures this winter.


Start out with fabric squares that are 3″ by 3″. Choose color of choice.


Sew 3 sides to start with cotton thread.


Add bulk rice to your pouch. 


Sew the fourth side and cut the extra fabric off.


Your hand warmer is done!

Place rice bag hand warmers in the microwave for up to 30 seconds, tuck them in your gloves and you will have warm hands for hours. Neat thing is with these hand warmers, is that your body heat will keep them warm too, extending the warming length of time.

Make the bags bigger sizes for back, knee or other pain while at home. They make great gifts too!


Stay warm out there!

All photos by Eric Nestor

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DIY Project of the Year: Rice Bag Hand Warmers