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DIY Project: Make a Minnow Trap [VIDEO]

minnow trap

Learn how to make this simple minnow trap for your next fishing trip.

Minnows are near the top of the checklist before you head for the water. They are great at capturing the attention of various fish and will likely increase your success on the water.

What happens if you forget the net or don’t go to the bait shop? This video will teach you how to catch minnows simply with a plastic bottle.

Some YouTube commenters claimed this technique works even better than a net. This variation of the fish trap is pretty simple and straightforward.

Supplies needed:

  • Water Bottle
  • Knife/Scissors
  • Bread

However, you can also upgrade the minnow trap. Some people use a two-liter bottle because it’s larger and can allow more bait fish into the trap. The video shows the overall craftiness of turning an everyday object into a minnow-catching trap.

You can make this minnow trap for little to no cost. We know how DIY projects become expensive after purchasing the supplies, but this project is an exception.

Be sure to check with your state’s regulations regarding this subject manner. This website compiled all of the links to the DNR websites for the United States and the provinces of Canada.

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DIY Project: Make a Minnow Trap [VIDEO]