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DIY Pocket Grill Makes for Easy Cooking Anywhere


Make this simple collapsible pocket grill for easy cooking no matter where your adventures take you.

 Assembling a good cooking kit is essential to anyone who goes on extended stays in the back country. Something compact and lightweight is a must, but isn't always cheap. This easy to make collapsible pocket grill covers all three of these areas.

Items You Will Need

  • Hacksaw
  • Cutting pliers
  • Drill bit
  • Sharpie
  • File
  • Ruler
  • 2 pieces of pipe(one must fit inside the other) of either stainless steel or copper
  • End caps for the outer pipe
  • Bicycle spokes or similar stainless steel material. Two will need to be threaded on one end.
  • Spoke nipples or nuts for threaded ends


Before you begin you will want to determine how wide of grill you want to make. This will determine how long to cut your pipes and how many spokes you will need.

The following steps are for creating an eight inch wide grill that uses about 16 spokes.

Measure, cut, and file your pipes to length.


After you cut and file the ends of your pipes make sure you do a test fit to ensure all the pieces slide together smoothly.

Using a ruler mark off 16 evenly spaced dots on both pipes. These will be the holes for your spokes.


After you have marked the spots for your holes you are ready to drill them out. Your drill bit should be slightly larger than whatever size spokes you are using.

The holes do not need to be drilled through both sides on the pipes. The only holes that need to be drilled all the way through are the two ending holes on your inner pipe.

Cut your spokes to length.


The spokes for your grill will need to be cut slightly longer than you want them for the next step. For this grill the cooking area is 8 inches, so the cut length was around 8 3/8 inches.

Remember you will need two of your spokes to have one end threaded, so do not accidentally cut those off. These two spokes will also need to be long enough for the threads to go all the way through your two outer holes on the inner pipe.

Bend a slight 90 degree angle on one end of each of your spokes.


Grab your pliers and carefully bend one end of them to a 90 degree angle. This will allow them to hook inside your outer pipe to hold them in place.


Hook each one of your angled ends into the holes on the outer pipe.


Carefully guide your straight ends into the holes on the other pipe. Make sure to push your two outer spokes all the way through the inner pipe.


Thread spoke nipples onto outer ends and hand tighten.


Get to grilling.


Disassembly is just the reverse. When you are ready to pack it up pop one of your end caps onto the outer pipe and drop all the other components inside. Pop the other end cap on and throw it in your pocket or pack.


This little grill looks like it would be a perfect alternative to a compact gas or wood stove for backpacking. The best part about this build is you can make it whatever size you need it to be. Give it a shot and it may become your go to choice for small camp cooking.

All photos and original build via Instructables user stvnishere.


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DIY Pocket Grill Makes for Easy Cooking Anywhere