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DIY: Make a Foam Inflating Camping Pillow [PICS]

All images via Instructables

This DIY camping pillow is easy and useful.

This is a tutorial for a self-inflating camping pillow. Now you’ll never have to bunch up your stinky clothes to give your head something to lay upon. Let’s jump right into this project.

Step 1: Materials

photo 1


  • Soft Shell Fleece
  • Leather Scrap
  • Polyurethane foam (Some use an old mattress pad)
  • Ziplock gallon bag


  • Tape
  • Fabric Sheers
  • Iron
  • Aluminum Foil

Step 2: Cut out the Foam

photo 2

  • Cut out the polyurethane foam
  • Suggested: Cut out two sides if your using the mattress topper from Bed Bath and Beyond so it has good cushion

Step 3: Put the Foam in the Bag

photo 3

  • Bunch the foam up and stuff it into the bag
  • Poke holes in the bag so it can be deflated

Step 4: Iron the Bag Shut

photo 4

  • This step is to seal the bag and remove the ziplock
  • Bunch the foam to the opposite side of the ziplock
  • Turn the iron to medium
  • Create a foil sleeve where you plan to iron the seam. ( So you don’t ruin your iron)

Step 5: Sew the Pillow Case

photo 5

  • Cut out the pattern
  • Sew around the pieces with them facing each other
  • Revers the pillowcase (right side out)
  • Stuff the foam bag into the case
  • Finish with an outside seam to close the pillow

Step 6: Leather Strap

photo 6

  • Tandry leather is a good source to get a scrap piece. It’s difficult to sew this piece without an awl
  • Using the Juki without any thread, slowly walk the leather through (by hand) to make the perforations
  • Remember to use long bastle stitch since leather can tear easily with a closer stitch.
  • Use a leather needle and thread to finish the seams by hand.

Happy camping and be sure to bring your pillow the next time you sleep under the stars!

All images via Instructables

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DIY: Make a Foam Inflating Camping Pillow [PICS]