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DIY: Make a 1900s Authentic Saxton Pope Arrowhead [VIDEO]

Learn how to make and shoot Saxton Pope arrowheads as the great Pope himself did.

Saxton Pope (1875-1926) is known as the “father of modern bowhunting.” He is also honored as one-half the namesake of the Pope and Young Club, along with his hunting partner Arthur Young.

Pope is indeed a larger than life figure. He helped reintroduce traditional archery to the world and was instrumental in making bowhunting a legitimate and much beloved sport.

Of course, archery and bowhunting has evolved in many respects since Pope’s day. The technological advances since Pope’s time would astonish him.

While many hunters employ the most modern of equipment advances, there are also many who eschew the new and embrace the traditional equipment and methods of Pope and his contemporaries.

Here, Shawn Woods gives an extremely thorough and detailed account of the procedure and history of the arrowheads Saxton Pope used in bowhunting big game. Woods instructs, in detail, how to make a Saxton Pope arrowhead.

Woods’ film combines history and hands-on methodology as he fashions the very same arrowhead style of Pope. He even uses hand tools that Pope himself would have employed.

It’s a wonderful history lesson, with the additional practical result being the opportunity to, in some indefinable way, connect with a historical figure and time via the same tools and equipment used by the great Saxton Pope himself.

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DIY: Make a 1900s Authentic Saxton Pope Arrowhead [VIDEO]