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How To Make DIY Furled Leaders for Fly Fishing [VIDEO]

You don't need a jig or tools with this method of furling fly fishing leaders. You can make them anywhere!

Furled leaders have become popular with many fly anglers, but they can be pricey. Follow this method and you can build your own using standard monofilament fishing line for pennies each.

Since you don't need to build a jig or have any tools other than your own two hands and a pair of line clippers, you can make leaders at home, in a lakeside cabin, or on the dock.

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I've used this method for years to build leaders for all my fly fishing, and I've taught the method to hundreds of anglers. I will warn you that your first few won't be perfect. Like every new skill, there is a learning curve. But stick with it, you'll get it.

As a DIY technique, you get to determine the final product's capabilities. Fishing for stripers? Use 15 pound test. Bluegill? Start with 4 pound test. Need to turn over a big pike fly? Adjust your second fold to make the butt section longer. Want a dry fly to land with a whisper? Make the butt section shorter. Need an 11-foot leader for spooky trout? Just start with 30 feet of mono.

It will save you money and give you completely customized leaders to fit your fishing.

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How To Make DIY Furled Leaders for Fly Fishing [VIDEO]