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DIY European Deer Skull Mount [VIDEO]

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to do your own European deer skull mount.

This is a great tutorial on how to boil your deer skull to perfection. Here’s an easy DIY project for you to do with the buck you get this season.

Making a European deer skull mount looks like a fairly easy thing to do. This tutorial tells us to boil the skull at a low simmer for a few hours to remove all excess skin and meat. With a tooth brush and hose you can get the remaining pieces off. Once you degrease the skull, you should apply a bleaching product from your local beauty supply store to make the skull white while making sure the it does not touch the bases of the antlers.

This technique might work for European mouflon hunting, which is offered by Ox Hunting Ranch in Texas. Fallow deer as well would make a good Euro mount.

We think this process looks so easy that anyone could do it. It looks like a great inexpensive way to display the deer you get this season.

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DIY European Deer Skull Mount [VIDEO]