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DIY Colorado Elk Hunt with Longbow [VIDEO]

This DIY Colorado elk hunt is made even more inspiring by the use of a longbow.

It’s not much of a stretch to say that the dream of most North American big game hunters is to take down a mature bull elk. What about when you add the extra fulfillment of doing it without an outfitter and with a longbow?

Harmon Carson does a great job showing us the excitement of longbow hunting for elk.

Is your heart pumping? Now imagine getting your own longbow or recurve and taking to the woods this fall.

Traditional archer numbers are growing as are the numbers of hunter doing ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) hunts. This video is a perfect melding of the two.

It doesn’t have to be an elk hunt, you can go in your own hunting spot for deer, turkey or even squirrel.

Traditional archery is a great sport to get into, and to truly test the reaches of your patience and focus.

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DIY Colorado Elk Hunt with Longbow [VIDEO]