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DIY Bobbers with Natural Shore Reeds [VIDEO]

Catch your next fish with fishing bobbers you made yourself. How cool is that?

Here’s a fishing project that doesn’t require much investment in either time or money. Fishing bobbers, or floats, are generally not too expensive. But they are also pretty easy to make on your own, and catching fish with tackle you’ve created yourself is so very satisfying.

In this short how-to video, UK home fishing tackle maker Paul Adams shows you just how simple and fun it can be to fashion your very own attractive and very functional fishing floats.

One of the nice features of this project is that the DIY bobbers use both natural and man-made material, which lessens the build time and makes for some very smart-looking bobbers. Shore reeds can be found just about everywhere and the smaller plastic pieces can be purchased from any number of lure making sources.

Float making is a great project to jump on when you want to get out on the water but, for whatever reason, just can’t. It’s also a fantastic activity to do with your children. Imagine the joy of taking your kids fishing with reeds you harvested yourselves and tackle you’ve made together. It’s hard to beat the combination of self-sufficiency and fun.

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DIY Bobbers with Natural Shore Reeds [VIDEO]