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DIY Archery Targets You Can Make at Home [VIDEO]

Don't rush out to the store to buy your next target. Learn how to make a DIY archery target out of things you already own.

The price of archery targets can be upwards of a $100. Don't waste your time going to the store and your money buying one. Not when it's so easy to make one at home.

In this video by Steve G, he takes normal everyday things and makes his own DIY archery target. For this target, Steve uses only a cardboard box, some duct tape and plastic wrap.

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There are tons of different ways to make your own DIY archery target. As Steve says in his video, start with a strong, durable cardboard box. Fill it with any kind of dense material. He uses plastic packaging wrap, but anything can work.

Here's a picture of my homemade target.

target 1This target started with a large cardboard box that a yard cart came in. We lined the inside edges with small pieces of rolled roofing, then filled the interior with a multitude of things including jeans (make sure to take off zippers and metal buttons to save your tips), blankets and more cardboard. We covered the box with a contractor grade garbage bag to help keep it dry.

We've been using this target for over a year now, and although it's sagging a little, it still works great.

Other good packing material includes foam insulation, carpet scraps, old clothing or even the foam puzzle mats made for kids' rooms.

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DIY Archery Targets You Can Make at Home [VIDEO]