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DIY Antler Wine Rack [VIDEO]

Pull out your tools and follow along with this video to make your very own antler wine rack.

Antlers can be used for many different projects and made into amazing decorative pieces. This video will take you step-by-step on how to make your own antler wine rack.

You can make an antler wine rack to hold one, two, or multiple bottles. It all depends on the antlers you use. As the video states, you can acquire antlers three ways.

Go hunting and use the antlers from your hunt, shed hunt during the spring, or visit your local taxidermist and ask if they have any antlers to offer you.

Once you have your antlers, you’re ready follow along with the video!

Now that you have made your first antler wine rack, there is no stopping you from making endless more. Your newfound creations are great for gifts or decorative pieces around your own home.

Once you have mastered making wine racks, you can experiment and craft other remarkable pieces out of antlers.

To browse and buy other antler creations, visit Antler and Wood Creations.

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DIY Antler Wine Rack [VIDEO]