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Diving Team Cleans up 11-Ton Fishing Net Left on Ocean Reef [VIDEO]

An ocean cleanup effort recovered mounds of trash from the oceans, including this 11-ton fishing net that had been eluding them for over a year.

The ocean has unfortunately becoming a large dumping ground for a lot of the world's trash. It is estimated that the ocean holds 5.25 trillion pieces of just plastic.

Just think about all the other waste fishing equipment like net, lines, traps, and other lost gear are left to vanish into the ocean's depths.

Recently a team of NOAA's marine debris staff went on a a 33-day ocean cleanup mission. While it wasn't their main goal, they wanted to find an 11-ton net entangled with trash that had been spotted drifting in various places near Hawaii.

Luckily, four days into the trip they found the Monster Net, as they named it, stuck to the reef of a lagoon. Watch as they struggle to cut the net free and haul it away.

The netting was made up of nylon multifilament gillnet that was 30 feet long and 8 feet wide. It had balled into itself and slowly collected other debris, parts of the reef, and even some marine life as it floated through the ocean.

It took divers four days to carefully free the net, and an additional three days to tow it back to the mainland.

Along with this Monster Net, the team collected an additional 465 smaller nets, 7,346 pieces of hard plastics, 3,758 bottle caps, 1,469 plastic bottles, and 477 lighters. A large success to the area, but a small dent in the amount of garbage still left in the ocean.

Their next cleanup mission is set for the Midway Atoll sometime this summer.

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Diving Team Cleans up 11-Ton Fishing Net Left on Ocean Reef [VIDEO]