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Diving for Jumbo Spiny Lobster in Beautiful High Definition [VIDEO]

Join this crew of fun-loving Aussies as they dive into the stunning blue waters of Western Australia for spiny lobster, aka ‘ocean crayfish.’

Lively underwater scenery, brilliant color, laid-back summertime music, and LOADS of spiny lobster make this a fun adventure.

This is a great video for all those reasons and because these guys are clearly having a blast hunting for jumbo crayfish on a beautiful sun-filled day.

It’s all thumbs up and smiles as a couple of divers swim to the bottom of water so blue it’ll make your eyes hurt. They find and capture rows of big spiny lobster hiding beneath rock ledges, filling their catch bags with one after the other.

It’s cool that they check each “cray” to make sure it’s not a female with eggs before pushing them into the bag or releasing the females.

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Once they head back up and greet their mate who stayed on the boat, they empty the bags onto the deck. What a sight! About a dozen of the big ocean bugs bounce, wiggle and flip around on the deck like alien life forms.

It makes for a lively and slightly creepy sight, and a happy one as well. As the friends motor back to shore they are full of smiles and, no doubt, an eagerness to get the feast started.


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Diving for Jumbo Spiny Lobster in Beautiful High Definition [VIDEO]