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Giant Manta Ray Tangled in Fishing Net Asks Divers for Help [VIDEO]

A giant manta ray seeks help from two divers in this remarkable video taken off the coast of Central America.

Thomaz Montiero and Brian Thompson were diving off the coast of Bat Island in Costa Rica when a large manta ray approached them, as if asking for help. The giant manta ray was tangled in a fishing net and had hooks stuck in its skin. With a few careful maneuvers, Thompson removed the net and the hooks. But once freed, the manta ray lingered near the divers for nearly 30 minutes.

“All the divers felt a deep connection with this amazing animal,” Montiero told 9News Australia.“There are no words to describe this feeling.”

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The fishing net was likely left behind by illegal fishermen who ply Costa Rica’s waters for rays, sharks, and turtles. These fishermen are often likened to modern day pirates because they are plundering the rich ecosystems in Costa Rica’s coastal waters. Montiero posted the video online with the hope that it will raise awareness about illegal fishing practices in Costa Rica.


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Giant Manta Ray Tangled in Fishing Net Asks Divers for Help [VIDEO]