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Divers Frolic and Swim with a 5-Ton Mola Mola

Would you swim with a 5 ton fish?

These scuba divers got a chance to swim with this giant fish called a Mola Mola.

Watch this incredible video of scuba divers and a five-ton Mola Mola fish swimming together.

This giant fish is known as a Mola Mola. It can reach an incredible weight of five tons. This is certainly no farm pond blue gill.

These scuba divers swim with this giant epic-sized fish. The gentle giant appears to actually like this human interaction. This odd super sized fish is harmless to people and quite a sight to see.

That trophy-sized fish you have mounted above your mantle certainly got a lot smaller after watching this video.


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Divers Frolic and Swim with a 5-Ton Mola Mola