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Diver Pets Feeding Great White Outside of Steel Cage

Daily Mail

This footage of a feeding great white and a diver is something you don't see everyday.

Some incredible underwater photos have emerged over the past week that show something rather extraordinary. A scuba diver, protected by a steel cage from a feeding great white shark, is seen stretching half of his toro out of the cage and petting the shark. In order to do something like that, it appears the cage isn't the only thing the diver has made of steel.

For this set-up shot, the diver had to be saying his prayers.

Daily Mail

This picture below really shows off how impressive these incredible sharks really are. I mean, just look at the size of that creature. I think they are going to need a bigger, cage.

Daily Mail

There were multiple sharks in the area where this dive team was conducting their research. The area around Guadalupe Island, Mexico is home to some of the largest great whites on Earth.

Daily Mail

As a matter of fact, this same area is where the now famous Deep Blue is from. That shark was featured on "Shark Week" as one of the biggest ever captured on film.

Yet again, this gives me another reason to never go swimming in the ocean.

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Diver Pets Feeding Great White Outside of Steel Cage