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Diver and Wild Fish Have Been Together Longer Than Most Couples


This diver has been ‘dating’ this fish for 25 years and the footage is remarkable! 

This Japanese man has been diving off the coast of Japan for at least 25 years to visit a fish he’s been ‘dating’ at an underwater Shinto shrine near Tateyama in Chiba prefecture.

Hiroyuki Arakawa has made friends with this Asian sheepshead wrasse named Yoriko and it has visited him for 25 years in the Hasama Underwater Park. Arakawa uses a mallet to strike the shrine like a bell which tells Yoriko he’s visiting.

Did you know there was such thing as an underwater park? Arakawa manages the shrine in the park and runs a dive shop near the park.

When Arakawa, visits the shrine he will typically greet Yoriko with a kiss on the forehead and offer a treat as well.


The Asian Sheepshead wrasse is normally a pinkish-grey fish with humps on its head and chin and has very sharp teeth as shown in the video.

The fish is known to make its home in rocky reefs similar to the North American sheepshead who typically feed off of small crustaceans such as fiddler crabs.

The underwater shrine was built nearly 20 years ago and is still visited by divers today. Every now an then Yoriko will visit guests when Arakawa accompanies a group.



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Diver and Wild Fish Have Been Together Longer Than Most Couples