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Diver Circles Massive Anaconda Underwater [VIDEO]

When you go searching for trouble, you just might find it. 

Diver Karina Oliani had a little dance with death as she met an 8 foot anaconda after diving into a cave system in search of the underwater cave monster.

These creatures are extremely fatal as they tend to coil about their prey, crushing and suffocating them to death.

The massive monster was of record size, one of the biggest ever encountered underwater, weighing an estimated 63 pounds.

Photographer Alexandre Socci, with the series ‘Wild Ocean With Karina Oliani,’ said that she was terrified, “At first I was terrified by its size. I saw a huge head but could not see the end of its body.”

Anacondas can move quickly underwater, easily killing her had it attacked. She was only carrying a knife as a precaution.

What would you do if faced with this massive beast?

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Diver Circles Massive Anaconda Underwater [VIDEO]