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Ditch Your Bobber and Try a Balloon with Live Bait [VIDEO]


Balloons could be your new go-to over bobbers when using bait fish in both fresh and saltwater. 

Balloons have a number of surprising uses for anglers. The most commonly used way is as a stand-in for a bobber while fishing surf, windy conditions, and other choppy conditions.

Using a bobber in these same conditions makes them harder to see and know when you are getting a bite.

If you have never used balloons to fish before you are really missing out on a great fishing technique. The guys from BlacktipH Fishing use them a lot for fishing in the ocean.

They recently put together this video to show you why it is worth the trip to the party store to pick some up.

I never thought to put glow sticks inside balloons for night fishing before.

This would be great for going after catfish by giving you something larger to stare at than a small glow stick taped to your bobber. You might even want to drop a small bell from craft stores inside them to help make some noise when they take the bait.

One other use I have for balloons is using them to help find groups of panfish. They are known to return to their school after being released, so use a balloon to track them back.

Tie some fishing line to the balloon with a hook on the other end. After catching a bluegill or crappie simply hook them through their dorsal fin and release them back into the water. They will drag the balloon with them across the water for you to pinpoint where their school is currently hiding.

I have only ever done this on small private ponds for fear of not being able to retrieve the balloon and line back from the water. Regardless, it works almost every time.

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Ditch Your Bobber and Try a Balloon with Live Bait [VIDEO]