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Disappear From Your Prey’s Sight with Gore Optifade Camo [VIDEO]

This camo is designed for how animals, not humans, see the world. 

SITKA is bringing you three new types of camo from Gore Optifade to maximize your hunting potential. It’s based on scientific knowledge of how animals actually see, rather than what humans think hides us.

Check it out below:

Each of these three patterns features large shapes to break up your outline and small shapes to fade you into the background. The goal is that even if you are spotted, the animal hopefully will not recognize you as a predator.

Gore Optifade comes in three patterns. There’s an open country pattern for spot and stalk hunting, while the Elevated II is for treestand hunters. This pattern mimics the light conditions seen from a deer’s perspective when looking up into a tree and toward the sky.

These two patterns are for ungulates, but the waterfowl pattern will help with your bird hunting.

Waterfowl have great visual acuity but poor depth perception, and they cannot see edges clearly. The Gore Optifade waterfowl pattern accounts for these strengths and weaknesses and works works best at a top-down angle as your prey flies into your kill zone from above.

Whatever your style of hunting, the Gore Optifade should take you to the next level.

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Disappear From Your Prey’s Sight with Gore Optifade Camo [VIDEO]