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Disabled Michigan Man Bags 9-Point Buck with GoFundMe Donation

Michigan Live

A disabled man from western Michigan fulfilled an outdoors dream that may not have been possible if not for the kindness of others.

Receiving funds from a GoFundMe account, as well as an anonymous donation from a Michigan couple, Michigan man David Pollie of Grand Rapids was able to get an Action Trackchair. The Action Trackchair isn't your typical wheel chair ; it's made for the true outdoorsmen.

15 years ago, Pollie was involved in a bicycle accident leaving him paralyzed with the exceptions of his arms, head, and a portion of his torso.

Using his new chair, Pollie took to his father's land in Greenville ready to pursue what many would think to be impossible.

"I was out there, it was getting late right before dark and there was a lot of activity. The deer came in chasing a doe. He was running her all crazy," Pollie told Michigan Live.

Only 30 yards in front of him, a beautiful 9-point buck walked out and stood broadside, as if Pollie wasn't even there. Pollie said, "His head was turned over his shoulder looking at her and I made the shot. He ran about 50 yards and dropped."

Paralyzed 2

What came next was something Pollie hadn't had the opportunity of participating in before. Pollie tracked the blood from his shot. "That was the best feeling in the world. I was following every speck of blood until we found it," he said.
What used to be a waiting game for Pollie, receiving updates via walkie-talkie, was now an exciting moment he won't soon forget.

With the help of his brother, and his Action Trackchair, Pollie was able to haul the buck out of the woods tied to his chair.

Pollie has more big bucks on his trail cameras and intends to use his final buck tag on one of them before exploring other outdoor options such as ice fishing.

Pollie says, "It's been one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time. It feels like God is with me. That chair can take me places I haven't been in years."

Congratulations, David! It's always an awesome feeling to see everyone out there enjoying what they love, regardless of their ability!

All images via Michigan Live.

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Disabled Michigan Man Bags 9-Point Buck with GoFundMe Donation