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Disabled Iowa Angler Takes a Beautiful 9.6-Pound Walleye

Disabled is just a word to one Iowa angler that can catch big walleye with the best of them. Watch what any good fisherman can do if they have the same access as everyone.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources Facebook page posted a video of Iowa resident Mitch Schultz fishing on the Turkey River in Elkader and landing a big 31-inch 9.6-pound walleye that any good angler would be proud of.

As the video states, the big fish is longer than the current Iowa state record walleye, but shy by about five pounds. The best part though may be the fact that the fish was caught in an area that had a recent low-head dam removal creating an access point for Mitch and other anglers like him.

In a comment on the same IDNR page, Mr. Schultz said, “Most of the walleye I get there are 10-14 inches, have caught a few 16-17. I have heard of a few a lil better than that but this one really surprised me. Got a 24”er last fall and thought I wouldn’t beat it anytime soon”

Big congratulations to Mitch Schultz and thanks to him and the Iowa DNR for sharing his great experience for all to enjoy!



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Disabled Iowa Angler Takes a Beautiful 9.6-Pound Walleye