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Disabled Combat Veteran Kayaks 250-Miles Down Yukon River

Ben Parkinson nearly died during a combat tour in Afghanistan.

Surviving against all odds, one of Britain’s most well-known wounded veterans has defied the odds again by kayaking down the tumultuous Yukon River.

In September 2006, just two weeks shy of completed his tour in Afghanistan, a roadside bomb left Ben Parkinson in a coma with nearly 40 separate injuries.

Now the double-amputee, who once was expected not to survive, has conquered a new challenge– the Yukon River.

Parkison, with the help of the charitable organization the Pilgram Bandits, kayaked 250-miles down the mighty Yukon River.

Parkinson’s inspirational eight-day journey down the Yukon was chronicled in a documentary Ben Parkinson: Wilderness Warrior, which aired on the BBC earlier this month.


His perseverance against all odds is something we can all draw inspiration from.


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Disabled Combat Veteran Kayaks 250-Miles Down Yukon River