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DirtNap Gear Broadheads are Cutting Against the Grain

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Tom Addleman realizes his startup, family owned broadhead company, DirtNap Gear, is bucking the current trend towards mechanicals.

There's a war being waged for the hearts and minds of bowhunters right now. On one side are the girl-next-door fixed-blades; dependable and always there for you. On the other, the girl who's way out of your league and could take or leave you at any moment...but man is she smokin'.

The reality is if you put a broadhead into the vitals of a whitetail, almost any of them will kill a deer. It's the matrix of other attributes (durability, flight, cutting surface, etc) that begin to stratify the pack. DirtNap Gear (DNG) broadheads have a unique mix of traits that set them apart in the fixed-blade, cut-on-contact world.

Modular Weight System

orange with skull

The DNG lineup of heads all come equipped with a 25 grain removable collar (the silver band in the picture above), allowing a shooter the flexibility to add more mass to their killin' sticks.

It's almost like getting two broadheads in one. You can dial in for whitetails with the 100 grain configuration then add the weighted collar for quarry requiring more kinetic energy, like elk or hogs.


On owner Tom's desk sit chunks of vertebrae and oak trees with his broadheads hopelessly embedded in them. It isn't because he's into bizarre nick-knacks, they're evidence of DNG's lifetime warranty. If their broadheads are damaged or broken for any reason, send them in and they'll send you back a replacement. The only way you'd need to buy more is if you weren't able to recover your head after a shot.

There are two flavors of DNG broadheads, both are teflon coated and are equipped with bleeder blades: the 100-125 grain Dead Right There (DRT) with an aluminum ferrule and the Heavy Duty (HD) with all steel construction. The HDs weigh in at 150-175 grains. The DRTs and HDs are available in single or double bevel.

Watch the destruction wrought by the DRTs as they slice and dice everyday household items...including a Jeep door.

DNG is owned and operated by Tom and his wife Robin. They oversee every aspect of the business and have already made waves by winning multiple 'Product of the Year' awards.

They've put their hearts, souls and savings into making a broadhead that does what it's supposed to do over and over again. They're living the American dream by taking a risk and working hard to serve the bowhunting community, all the while doing an extreme disservice to game animals across the globe.


You can hear my interview with Tom on The Thinking Woodsman Podcast around the 51 minute mark.


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DirtNap Gear Broadheads are Cutting Against the Grain