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Has the Digital Age Made Us Poor Big Game Hunters? [PICS]

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Has the modern digital age, with its trail cameras and ultra high-tech gear, robbed us of traditional big game hunting skills? 

In this modern day we enjoy advances in hunting gear that our grandfathers never had. They relied on stealth, patience, knowledge, and pure toughness to bring home the hard-earned harvested game animals.

Let’s at four modern technologies we use now that they probably couldn’t even imagine.


1. Trail cameras

Trail cams have become huge game-changers. All you have to do is trap them to a tree and walk away.

They’ll capture pictures of anything that walks down that trail with their sound and video capabilities. Others, incredibly, will send images and video straight to your smart phone. Hunters can pattern when a certain animal will come down the trail to almost the minute while sitting on the couch at home.

No scouting necessary in this type of set up.

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2. Highly-portable treestands

Remember when the sound of late summer was the pounding of hammers out in the woods fabricating wood scrap treestands? We remember it well.

Those days are all gone with cheap, highly-portable treestands that can be put up in minutes. Stand locations have become fluid and can change throughout the season; not so with the old wood stands of yesterday.

Deer Hunters Treestands

3. Hi-tech clothing

High priced? Yep. Does it work better than your grandfather’s red plaid wool parka and matching pants? Most likely, yes, and it’s a whole lot more waterproof, too.

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4. New guns and bows

While many of us love vintage bows and firearms, the new models are many times lighter and created with materials that will stand up to rain and rough handling.

The new whiz-bang magnum calibers promise to kill deer in the next county. Granddad’s old Winchester Model 70 rifle is just too pretty for the woods nowadays. The great Fred Bear used bows with great success that were many times less powerful than ones available now.

Chuck Hawks

As hunters of the modern day, we seem to spend large amounts of cash and less time in the woods. Hunters of the past did the direct opposite. We rarely set aside the time to be in the woods and organically scout or hunt without the use of technology to do all the work.

Regardless of your thoughts on the advances, the modern gear above is here to stay for better, or for worse. Many of us use some, if not all, of it. These tools should be used to help us be in the woods longer, and not tag out on out our selected game animal on opening day in an hour.


Take a lesson from the past and get out in the woods longer. Practice tracking, scouting, and everything else that made our hunting ancestors alpha-predators of the wilderness. Be the best hunter you can be and get off that couch. We know you have it in you.

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Has the Digital Age Made Us Poor Big Game Hunters? [PICS]