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A Different Approach to Competitive Fishing: The TART Tournament [VIDEO]

The Pacific Blue Marlin TART Tournament highlighted in a new fishing show is unique and noteworthy.

Not every fishing trip has to end in bringing a trophy home, hanging a mount on the wall or cooking a delicious dinner from the catch.

In that vein, an upcoming fishing tournament show with an interesting twist is showing viewers what the "tag and release" approach can do for large game fish.

Check out the preview video from .

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The Pacific Blue Marlin Tag and Release Tournament isn't brand new, but will be bringing the action to national television audiences soon. The show is produced by and stars Ken Corday, the EMMY Award-winning Executive Producer of Days of our Lives. Corday founded the tournament 23 years ago, which

Even with the underlying conservation angle leading the way, the tournament still maintains a healthy does of competition and excitement. The format pits five boats, their captains and their anglers against each other over five days in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

The main idea is to earn the most points calculated by tagging and releasing the great fish without doing any harm.

Check out the channel listings for the show here, and consider this: could the future of fishing tournaments look more like this than the current structure?

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A Different Approach to Competitive Fishing: The TART Tournament [VIDEO]