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Did You Know Superfeet Makes Foot Soles Specifically for Hunting?

Make sure you take care of your feet, especially in the field. Did you know that Superfeet makes foot soles specifically for hunting?

Superfeet have been making and improving foot soles since 1977. Their biomechanically created foot soles have changed the way you feel in your shoes, making you more comfortable and helping with any foot-related ailments.

But did you know Superfeet makes an insole made especially for hunting?

Superfeet has created an insole that has a Scentlok layer to help mask your foot odor. The insole also has a layer of foam and merino wool for comfort and warmth while keeping your step silent when you’re walking over noisy brush and sticks.


The Superfeet Hunt soles help support your feet, knees, and back with its structured heel cup and foot shape. These soles will help stabilize your foot while in a roomy hunting boot.

I tromped around in my pair for a few hours. I have a bad ankle and have had surgery on both knees; with Superfeet soles, I felt a difference. I had less aches and pains and I felt that my feet were more stabilized, which made a difference for my knees and consequently, my back.


The camo soles are a nice aesthetic touch!

Get some insoles to help out your feet this hunting season. The women’s version is cut with a slimmer heel and smaller arch length to fit a female’s foot. Get those here.

The male version can be bought here.

Take care of your feet out in the field.


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Did You Know Superfeet Makes Foot Soles Specifically for Hunting?