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Did You Know Deer Like to Play Fetch, Too?

A man in Coralville, IA found out this weekend deer like to play fetch. 

While out at the Coralville rec area Dan Bunn was playing fetch with his dog, Baxter, when a feral deer showed up to join in on the fun.

Check out this funny new clip and get the story on why this deer liked to play fetch with a dog.

Bunn knew that this was a rare occurrence and immediately started recording the event on his cell phone. He told reporters the deer stayed for quite a while, "I'd throw it again. The deer would just take off after it again. The deer wound up getting really tired. Started panting. The dog was still going. It was just an endless battle. It probably went fifteen minutes."

The only thing unique about the situation was the ball. It had a hole in it and whistled when it was thrown, perhaps making it more appealing to the deer.

This video just goes to show you never know what deer will do next. Now you can tell all your friends that deer like to play fetch and you've got video to prove it.


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Did You Know Deer Like to Play Fetch, Too?