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Did You Know Cheetahs Can Play Football?

Steve of the BBC heads to South Africa to ask if cheetahs can play football.

Without pause Steve from BBC's Deadly 60 travels to South Africa to find out if cheetahs can play football.

Check out this humorous video depicting how well cheetahs can play football. They do better than you think.

As you just saw these two orphans can play football quite well. They may even be able to give your dog a run for its money. Unlike your cat, a cheetah's claws are always exposed giving them more traction when running.

The speed of these animals is unlike any other creature alive as they can reach top speed in just three strides. Steve noted that their thin frame makes for easy running at top speeds.

Now that you've seen it done you can quiz your friends at work asking, "Do you think cheetahs can play football?" They will be surprised by the answer.


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Did You Know Cheetahs Can Play Football?