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WATCH: Fed up Mom Takes the 12GA to Her Kid’s Cell Phones

This angry mom has had it up to here with her bratty kids and their cell phones just paid the price.

Here's what southern, parental justice is like for those of you that didn't know. Get too obnoxious, bratty, mouthy, disrespectful, and just plain stupid and your momma just might do this.

You can argue about it shortly, but first watch what every parent feels like doing when their kids just get out of control.

Okay there's a lot to be said here, and I think she just said most of it! First of all, gun safety issues aside, that's funny on a whole new level! Check out how she put the gun-stock shell holder on her wrist, and even if it is meant for the wrist it still makes her look like some kind of WWE wrestler.

There's some talk of whether this is faked or not, but based on the serious unhappy faces surrounding her and the mean one-finger salute from the dude in the back I'm thinking that this is on the level. Being she went in with the sledge for a final touch this lady just made a lot of fans out there... and probably a few detractors as well.

Go ahead and tag somebody who has had it up-to-here enough to put some pellets through some cell phones!


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WATCH: Fed up Mom Takes the 12GA to Her Kid’s Cell Phones