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Did Someone Say Bacon? 10 Amazing Wild Boar Shots

European hog hunters show off their marksman skills with insane shots. 

Wild boars are a nuisance that across various parts of the country and these hunters are doing their part, in impressive fashion.

Watch the top 10 best wild boar shots according to this video.

These folks laid down some spectacular shots on some wild boar. It appears their boar pushes do the trick, and often call for tricky shots.

Hopefully their population efforts make a difference and lower the rapidly growing population of wild boar.

Don't think wild hogs are problem? According to the Smithsonian, there are approximately two to six million wild hogs causing issues in the United States alone, tallying up to $400 in damages.

I have a feeling these hunters have a freezer full of pork chops, bacon, and sausage.


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Did Someone Say Bacon? 10 Amazing Wild Boar Shots