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ODFW Asks Anglers for Oregon Halibut Regulations

The 2015 Oregon halibut regulations are being considered with fishermen’s help.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) will hear public opinions on the plan for 2015 sport Pacific halibut seasons and regulations.

Members of the public and fishermen of any level are invited to attend several public meetings. The ODFW will then determine the fate of each proposal with an evaluation of its feasibility and benefits.

They’ll do more decision making in September with a second round of public meetings and an online survey.

“Many, if not most, of the current halibut regulations are based on innovative ideas by anglers.  The halibut fisheries are always changing, and we need to change the regulations and seasons to adapt,” said Patrick Mirick, ODFW assistant project leader for halibut.

The meetings will be held in:

  • Brookings on Tuesday, Aug. 5
  • North Bend on Wednesday, Aug. 6
  • Newport on Monday, Aug.11 (The Newport meeting will also be online)

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ODFW Asks Anglers for Oregon Halibut Regulations