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Despite the Controversy, Florida Bear Permits Now on Sale [VIDEO]

Floridians stood in line yesterday to be the first to purchase state bear permits. 

For the first time in 20 years, it will be legal to hunt black bears in the state of Florida. August 3, 2o15 marked the first time this specialty license was opened back up to the public, and by mid-afternoon, over 600 Florida bear permits had been sold, all but six to Florida residents.

Pro animal rights groups have stated they are going to sue the state of Florida in an effort to stop the state from issuing the permits, but science and conservation has won out so far. Considering the controversy surrounding Florida bear permits, the news was there to cover it all. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

The hunt is scheduled to begin this October. For $100 per permit, residents are handing out a lot of cash for the opportunity.

“It’s definitely quite a bit of money,” said Frank Baptiste, the hunting manager of Bass Pro Shops at the Gulf Coast Town Center. “There’s really not anything that charges you a hundred dollars to hunt out there. This is the first run of this in Florida so we’ll see where it goes with that.”

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Despite the Controversy, Florida Bear Permits Now on Sale [VIDEO]