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Designated Defender Acts Like Designated Driver

Just like the designated driver program, if a bunch of people are going out to bars one person should stay sober and be the designated defender.

Everyone agrees with the designated driver program. That policy that says if a bunch of friends are going out to a bar, then one person should avoid drinking and serve as the designated driver. How about a designated defender program?

Let’s apply that same logic to firearms. If a bunch of friends are going out drinking, one person should remain sober and serve as the designated defender.

The Yankee Marshal is promoting this idea following a miscommunication between Donald Trump and the NRA. Here he explains the snafu between Trump and the NRA, and touches upon the designated defender idea.

For those people who balk at the idea of folks going to bars or taverns while concealed carrying, this seems like a perfect solution. If you’re going out in a group to a nightclub or bar, then one of you vows to avoid drinking and stay sober – one of you who is concealed carrying. This person functions as the designated defender.

It’s a brilliant idea, and should effectively quash anyone’s hesitation with concealed carriers in places that serve alcohol.

Here he expands on the concept, and calls on the NRA to become proactive in promoting this idea.

In states where it is legal to enter a bar while concealed carrying, this could be a fantastic promotion. It would help with addressing the stigma some people have over drinking and carrying a weapon. Although the issue is really a non-issue – there is no rash of people carrying in bars and misusing their firearms – it could go a long way in leavening the public’s perception of firearms in taverns.

In states where carrying in taverns is illegal, the laws have effectively created Gun Free Zones. As Orlando proved, this can be a dangerous situation, as you have a group of people who are supposedly unarmed and unable to properly defend themselves should a mass shooter engage.

Yankee Marshal suggests sending his, your own or another youtube gun channel video that addresses the designated defender concept to the NRA. I think it’s a great idea, and the NRA should promote it. So, let’s do it. Send this video or another video to the NRA and try to gin up some support for the policy.

The designated defender idea could just save some lives.

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Designated Defender Acts Like Designated Driver