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Desert Eagle .50 A.E. Slow-Mo Will Have You Mesmerized

Desert Eagle
Image via Screenshot

Desert Eagles are always keeping us entertained one way or another but this .50 A.E. Slow-Mo will mesmerize you. 

If you enjoy shooting, which most of you do, then you will get a kick out of seeing this Desert Eagle .50 A.E. Slow-Mo video. Most of the time when we are watching videos of guns like the Desert Eagle .50 A.E., it’s for reasons like watching the kick or watching the damage that the round causes down range.

But today, we watch for the pure joy of seeing the gun go off – check it out.

There is just something beautiful about seeing that gun go off. Especially when it’s in slow-motion and you can see the full effect of the gun as soon as the trigger is pulled.

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Desert Eagle .50 A.E. Slow-Mo Will Have You Mesmerized