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This Innovative Bullet Fires Three Shots At Once

On January 6, Denver-based bullet manufacturer Advanced Ballistic Concepts began selling the Multiple Impact Bullet, a personal defense round that fires multiple fragments connected by a fiber.

Here's how the Multiple Impact Bullet works. The ballistic-strength fiber that connects the fragments is spooled up inside the core of the bullet. When fired, the round splits into a Y-shaped pattern with fragments at each end of the fibers. The diameter of the spread for handguns is 14 inches and 24 inches for shotguns. With that wide of a diameter, the round is devastating at close, short and medium ranges. All shooters really have to do is point and shoot.

Multiple Impact Bullet inventor Todd Kuchman, in a piece from CNN, said that the blast is more accurate than a shotgun, and minimizes the risk of stray pellets associated with buck shot.The bullets are meant to serve as self-defense ammunition. The Multiple Impact Bullet is available in 12 gauge, 45 ACP and 9mm.

Three Shots In One Deadly Bullet

Three Shots In One Deadly BulletUpon firing, the spool of fiber inside the bullet spreads into a Y-shaped pattern, connecting three fragments of shrapnel into one deadly shot. The Multiple Impact Bullet is available in 12 gauge, 45 ACP and 9mm.

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Advanced Ballistic Concepts says they've already taken nearly $100,000 in orders for cases of the Multiple Impact Bullet. The next challenge will be to break into the ammunition market that is dominated by well-established companies, such as Winchester and Remington.

"It's been selling like gangbusters," Kuchman told CNN. "In fact, our website crashed after our initial press release."

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Check out this video from the company's website, in which Kuchman's brother and co-founder Jaye talks more about the bullet:

Todd Kuchman is an elk hunter and entrepreneur from Colorado, and he founded the company in 2010 with his brother.

Could you see the three-shot Multiple Impact Bullet becoming common ammunition? 

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This Innovative Bullet Fires Three Shots At Once