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Dentists Rebuild Injured Bald Eagle's Beak [PICS]

bald eagle

A bald eagle who lost part of its beak got a bionic upgrade courtesy of some generous dentists.

Residents of Tofino, British Columbia found the bald eagle after it was shot by a poacher. They went out in search of the bird after hearing a gunshot and spotting a truck fleeing the scene.

The poacher's shot had blown away most of the bird's beak, which was just barely attached to its skull with cartilage.

bald eagle

The eagle was transported to a wildlife rescue center, where veterinarians suggested he should be put down to end his suffering. However, volunteers insisted on nursing him back to health, and the bird slowly began to recover.

The rescuers were still perplexed about how to address the eagle's injured beak. Two local dentists stepped up and proposed a solution.

Dr. Brian Andrews took a mold of the bird's beak and constructed a hard wax model. He then handed it off to dental technician Fred Leak. He installed a permanent prosthesis on the bird's beak using a metallic supporting structure.

The prosthesis was then topped off with the wax covering, which was colored yellow to blend in with the eagle's natural beak.

bald eagle

Equipped with his new hardware, the eagle looks like he recovered just fine. His new addition will allow him to hunt, eat, and attract a mate.

As an added bonus, he looks even more intimidating than before!

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Dentists Rebuild Injured Bald Eagle's Beak [PICS]