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Demolition Ranch vs ArcheryTalk, Who's More Accurate?

Demolition Ranch vs ArcheryTalk

Gun and bow go head to head as we see Demolition Ranch vs ArcheryTalk battle it out in an accuracy showdown.

If you like shooting competitions you're going to love this Demolition Ranch vs ArcheryTalk showdown between Matt Carriker of Demolition Ranch with a .44 Magnum revolver and Lucas Cooney of ArcheryTalk with his bow. Take a look below and see how the competition plays out.

While we are not sure that this would technically qualify as a completely fair competition it did seem to be pretty evenly matched right up until the very end. It was excellent shooting all the way around and next time it could be very likely to go the other way.

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Demolition Ranch vs ArcheryTalk, Who's More Accurate?