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The Ultimate Showdown for Performance: .223 vs. .308

Demolition Ranch pits .223 against .308 ammo in a titanic struggle for the best all-around performance and kudos.

What will come out on top when Demolition Ranch pits .223 against .308 with two AR-15 platforms? Watch and you be the judge.

There are a myriad of fans of both calibers; not surprisingly, .308 is going to reach out and touch targets more accurately at distance with more energy but .223 may be exactly what you want for closer range work or defence situations.

There is a reason most modern western militaries at some point switched over to .223 or 5.56mm NATO. It was largely a case of being able to increase individual load carriage of frontline ammunition and made more sense for fighting in more built-up urban areas.

There, however, continues to be vocal proponents of .308 or 7.62mm for its long-range performance, penetration and knock-down power. The debate will likely continue but we can say that perhaps each caliber has its place and time.


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The Ultimate Showdown for Performance: .223 vs. .308