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Demolition Ranch Conducts Body Armor Test with Xtreme Bullets

demolition ranch, body armor test

It's not every day that you'd be shot at with a .45-70, but just in case you do, here's the shocking body armor test results.

The chance of you being involved in a gun fight with your opposition carrying a .45-70 loaded with Xtreme Bullets is pretty rare, but hey, anything can happen, right? Sounds like the right time for a body armor test!

Watch as Demolition Ranch conducts an in depth body armor test that shows just how powerful these cartridges are.

As usual, great video Demolition Ranch and thanks for test results!

Speaking of body armor, those looking to stay prepared for the worst situations should check out the Minimalist Carrier from the incredible team at Grey Ghost Gear. As the name suggests, this piece of gear is just large enough to carry standard 10x12 front and back hard plates and won't weigh you down with shoulder pads or side armor. Both sides of this lightweight plate carrier are fully equipped with molle webbing and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

body armor test, grey ghost gear
Grey Ghost Gear

Did I also mention that it's available in Kryptek camo patterns? Yeah, it's that badass!


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Demolition Ranch Conducts Body Armor Test with Xtreme Bullets