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“Deliverance” Canoe Sold at Auction

Canoe & Kayak

The movie “Deliverance” shook up its audience in 1972 with its brutal scenes. The famous canoe from the film was recently auctioned off.

A canoe replica, originally housed in Burt Reynold’s museum, was auctioned off recently. Made from pieces of the original destroyed canoe used in the 1972 film, “Deliverance,” this canoe made some fan very happy.

As reported in Canoe & Kayak, the reproduction sold at auction for $17,920. It was expected to sell for $800-$1,200 so there are some “Deliverance” fans out there willing to pay much more. The canoe was housed in Burt Reynold’s personal collection and was made from pieces of the original movie canoes that were destroyed while filming the movie.

For a movie that made us paranoid to go camping as kids and non-banjo fans, someone made a pretty penny. Beautiful canoe too! I wonder if the buyer will actually ever put it in the water?



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“Deliverance” Canoe Sold at Auction