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Delaware Schools Receive Bulletproof Whiteboards [VIDEO]

Bulletproof whiteboards, meant to protect students from school shootings, have made their way into the classroom.

A company called Hardwire LLC is taking a unique approach to protecting the youth of America from school shootings by providing handheld whiteboards that double as bulletproof shields. The boards were paid for through donations, at no cost to the school.

The pilot program supplied Gunning Bedford Middle School and Pleasantville Elementary with the Maryland-made boards, with thicker versions for front office staff able to withhold stronger firepower.

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The Delaware school district isn’t the first to use the boards, as schools in Minnesota and Maryland have been using them since last year.

“Hopefully it will never get used,” Tanya Aviola, a guidance counselor said in a piece from the Delaware News Journal. “I think it makes us feel a little safer, like, we have something for us to defend ourselves in case something horrible happens.”

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Delaware Schools Receive Bulletproof Whiteboards [VIDEO]