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First Ever Delaware Coyote Hunting Season Produces Only One Coyote

The inaugural Delaware coyote hunting season netted just one coyote.

The Journal News reported that the single 'yote was a male killed by a deer hunter on Jan. 23 near Hockessin.

The meager results from the first Delaware coyote hunting season have the state's wildlife officials scratching their heads.

"Having only one harvested coyote reported during the new coyote hunting and trapping seasons was a bit of a surprise," David Saveikis, director of the state Division of Fish and Wildlife said. "It is unclear if the lone coyote harvested is indicative of coyote population size, the partial hunting and trapping seasons or a lack of awareness of the harvest reporting requirement."

Saveikis is encouraging anyone who killed a coyote during the hunting season to report it to the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

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Coyotes are an invasive species to Delaware that only recently entered the state. State biologists estimate there less than 100 coyotes in Delaware, so it could very well be that they are just too elusive to hunt in the state. While small in numbers, they are a problem for the state's wildlife, particularly whitetail deer. As such, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental opened a coyote hunting season from Jan. 11 through the end of last February. The next Delaware coyote hunting season starts on Sept. 1.

Have you been coyote hunting in your state? Share your experiences in the comments section. 

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First Ever Delaware Coyote Hunting Season Produces Only One Coyote