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Delaware Bill Could Put State Animal on Small Game Hunting List

The gray fox is Delaware’s state animal, and a new bill looks to place it on the small game hunting list.

According to Delaware Onlinethe state House passed Bill 98, which would classify the gray wolf, along with skunks and weasels, as official game animals, with hunting seasons and regulations build to allow their harvest.

The bill now moves to the state Senate for voting.

This measure comes only four years after Delaware declared the gray fox, a historically unique species, as the state animal at the urging of a fourth grade class from an elementary in Newark.

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Bill 98 seeks to adjust the current rule to allow the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to determine game animal status and seasonal regulations.

Hunting or fishing for a state’s official animal is not unheard of. In Delaware, the state fish (weakfish) and the state marine animal (horseshoe cab) are both able to be caught and harvested.

The original sponsor of the 2010 bill that made the gray fox Delaware’s state animal was quoted as saying it’s “outrageous” to “declare war” on the state animal.

Do you think it’s acceptable to place an official state animal, bird or fish on the hunting or fishing list?

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Delaware Bill Could Put State Animal on Small Game Hunting List