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Defense Distributed Sues the State Department For Free Speech Violation


Cody Wilson’s company, Defense Distributed, is suing the State Department over the world’s first online instructions for building a 3D printable gun.

Wilson grabbed the spotlight a couple years ago for posting what is said to be the first ever online instructions on how to build a 3D printable gun.

It didn’t take long for the government to step in.

Only a few days after posting the instructions online, the State Department demanded Wilson remove them or face jail time and million-dollar fines, claiming that it was possible he broke rules of exporting military data.

Now that Wilson has a strong legal team on his side, Defense Distributed has filed a lawsuit that says the State Department is in violation of free speech.

Defense Distributed believed, and continues to believe, that the United States Constitution guarantees a right to share truthful speech. Especially speech concerning fundamental constitutional rights in open forums.

You can see the entire lawsuit here.

It was back in May of 2013 when Wilson first heard from the State Department. He was in law school at the time at the University of Texas, and after reading the letter he realized he might have violated rules of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. These rules are set in place to prevent any military hardware from being exported, and that includes weapons technology.

Since receiving the letter, Wilson says he has spent thousands of dollars on lawyers to help him with paperwork so that he would be in compliance with the regulations.

Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed don’t have any plans of backing down.

“I intend to fight.”

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Defense Distributed Sues the State Department For Free Speech Violation