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Deerman's 3D Archery is All About the Rings

Many 3D tournament archers are looking for something more challenging, Deerman's 3D tournaments give you a more realistic hunting experience.

Jimmy Gould and the guys at Deerman's 3D decided to make their tournaments more like real hunting. First, they challenged shooters with 3D targets that are not all broadside. Some are quartering away from you, some are quartering to you, and some are directly facing you. You will find targets down hill from the shooter and some uphill. In many cases, the target is situated in the woods with small shooting lanes cut through the timber.

In other situations the stake is under a tree with low hanging limbs, forcing you to shoot from a kneeling position. It all sounds crazy, but it makes for a challenging and fun course. I hate the 3D turkey. The last two tournaments it was facing directly at me from deep inside the timber. A tough shot considering I am in the open with bright sunlight, looking into the woods with a turkey concealed by the shade from the trees. I wanted to bring my shotgun just for that bird!

You will notice that the rings are positioned differently on the 3D animals than in other tournaments.

In some cases, there are more than one set of rings. For instance, the quartering to your deer has rings just past the shoulder as you would expect, but there are rings just under the neck and to the left of the shoulder. Both are legal, and each group of shooters must decide what set of rings to use before the first shot. Another twist they added is in the scoring.

There are a 15, 12, and ten rings on each animal. If you fail to hit one of these rings, you will score a negative five. That can hurt if you are going for a 12-ring and miss, if you did not catch another ring you would score a negative five. That is a whopping 17-point difference.

Going back to the frigging turkey, I know the negative five side of things all too well. I finally scored on the turkey at the Collin County shoot. It was facing me, and I noticed the scoring rings were dead center from left to right of the Tom, but 6 inches down from the top of the wings. I put a Triple X Gold Tip arrow in the 15 ring. The 15-ring on the turkey is so small my arrow took up the whole ring.

To my surprise, Deerman's 3D does not worry about the speed of your bow.


Many other tournaments put limits on the feet per second your arrow travels, not at Deerman's. Consistent with the real hunting experience they strive for, you shoot with your hunting bow. If your bow shoots 350 feet per second or 27o feet per second, there is no penalty.

To be fair there are limits around stabilizers and sites, so check their rules before you go. There are different classes based on gender, age, single pin, long stabilizers, and skill level. When you go to a Deerman's 3D shoot, you will notice one other thing that is different than other tournaments.

Deerman's The 3D is a faith-based organization. Jimmy and his team make sure each shoot starts with a prayer. After you shoot your first 15 targets, there is a break. You can grab a bite to eat and while your eating there is a devotional provided by Jimmy or one of his staff members. The devotional is optional, but I enjoy listening and learning from them.

If you enjoy shooting 3D tournaments and want to challenge yourself to try something new, find a Deerman's tournament near you. Take plenty of arrows, plenty of bug spray, and enjoy a new twist to 3D archery.


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Deerman's 3D Archery is All About the Rings