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DeerLab Brings Deer Movement Patterns to Trail Cam App

Deer movement patterns are what make trail cams worthwhile.

Knowing that a trail camera is for more than just snapping cool pictures of does and bucks, DeerLab has made additions to their already extensive app capabilities.

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More About the App

More About the App

DeerLab Trail Cam App

After laying down the foundation for a quality trail cam management tool, DeerLab set their sights on more features, including the ability to track specific deer movements within a given property.

The result is the newest aspect of DeerLab: deer profiles. Profiles use the images captured by trail cams and track when and where specific deer are most active.

If you've been after that same 10-pointer for several years now, this is the type of thing that can help you zero in.

Information such as when a buck moves past certain cameras, as well as where the most activity and greatest likelihood of seeing him occurs, are invaluable when it comes to narrowing in on a property entry point, a treestand location, and ideally, and eventual harvest shot.

We've never known as much as we do now about mature bucks and their tendencies, as evidenced in this great write up from Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) wildlife biologist Matt Ross.

That being said, there still doesn't seem to be an easy way to go from spying a buck on a trail cam to putting his mount on your wall.

While we may never want it to be "automatic" or a complete piece of cake, DeerLab's new profiles feature is a big step towards understanding deer as much as possible.

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DeerLab Brings Deer Movement Patterns to Trail Cam App